God’s Miraculous Hand of Mercy!

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TODAY,Will It Be My Way, Or His ?

Since that wonderful day God mercifully touched my heart and gave me the faith to believe the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, I have been a changed man.  It has been my heart’s desire from that moment on, to be a sincere, devoted servant of my blessed Redeemer and to spend the whole of each day walking in His way.  Unfortunately this has not always been the case.  Too often I find myself taking my own path, doing my own thing, rather than listening to the Lord and following in the steps of my Saviour.

The problem is, though His way is always the best and most blessed way, the footprints Jesus left behind lead me always in a a path filled with selfless service, sacrifice and suffering.  The very things that this old flesh of mine, the old Marlin, find very distasteful.

There is always a battle going on between the Spirit and the flesh. The one is telling me to do it “my way,” all the while the Holy Spirit is continually reminding me of the way of Christ, as given in the Holy Scriptures. The question is, to which will I listen?

This is a decision every born-again child of God must make not just daily, but many times a day.  We can have the immediate gratification of pleasing the “old man,” or we can know the eternal blessing of loving obedience to Christ.

Lord, help us today, to do it “your way,” surrendered whole-heartedly to your will!

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The Church, Our Heaven Bound Family!

Ever since the day the Lord mercifully saved my sinful soul, I have loved His church! Now I know that you know, that I am not talking about the building with the big steeple and the stained glass windows. No, I am referring to the body of believers who meet together on the Lord’s Day to praise and worship our Wonderful God and Saviour, Jesus Christ!  The believers joining to fellowship and hear, learn and be encouraged by God’s man preaching and teaching God’s Word! This is Christ’s church, His body, the local, visible New Testament church.

I praise God for God’s perfect plan of salvation and for the wonderful way He has orchestrated all that He does!  Every member of His body has a particular place to serve in order to edify and glorify God! What better place could there be for any of God’s children than right where He wants them, doing what He wants them to do? It is our obedience to His plan, through His church, that brings us all the blessings! This is our “Heaven Bound Family!” 

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